Lucent – Mini Trim Round LED50-LFG

Identical design (Ø 86 mm) but improved performances for the LED50-LFG version of the Mini Trim Round downlight, one of the most efficient in the Lucent range. Behind its minimalist appearance and the quality of its LEDs is a lighting system carefully designed to meet the requirements of the Lighting for Good competition. White or black finish. Replaceable LED module, driver and optics; potentially scalable (device and module recyclable).

  • Colour rendition index

    TM30 Rf 91

  • Luminous efficacy (output)

    107 lm/W at 3,000K

  • Ratio of kilolumens/kg of matter

    200 g (without the driver)

  • CRI


  • Ellipse McAdam


  • Lifetime (LxBy)