Delta Light – iMax II

The iMax II system designed by Delta Light is a unique recessed light with a broad range of options (shapes and finishes, lenses, accessories, etc.) that allows for multiple variations. This adaptable lighting solution is part of the Soft Ceiling concept, which aims for optimal visual comfort and a completely discreet lamp. It is perfect for meeting the requirements of a lighting project consistently, without unduly cluttering the space. Replaceable driver and optics. Removable LED module.

Packaging Improvement: Before & After
  • Colour rendition index

    TM30-15: Rf 89.4 Rg 99.9.

  • Luminous efficacy (output)

    94.8 lm/W at 3,000K

  • Ratio of kilolumens/kg of matter

    up to 4 klm/kg

  • CRI


  • Ellipse McAdam


  • Lifetime (LxBy)

    L80B10 > 50,000H