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It is time for our industry to become more sustainable.

Over the past two decades, LED technology has played a crucial role in achieving energy savings, making up a substantial 30% of the broader scope of eco-lighting initiatives. With LED firmly established, the focus is shifting towards a new phase: redesigning fittings with a heightened environmental consciousness. This involves embracing principles of the circular economy, prioritising easier maintenance, and strategically eliminating plastics from this domain. As anticipated regulations from the European Commission loom on the horizon, we are committed to going beyond compliance, proactively anticipating, and embracing significant changes in the future landscape.


About us.

Founded by LVMH Lighting and Temeloy, Lighting for Good is a think tank established in May 2018, bringing together lighting manufacturers to foster collaboration in the realms of eco-design and innovation. As of 2023, Temeloy, alongside a prominent group of lighting manufacturers, continues to steer the course for Lighting for Good, championing sustainability and innovation in the industry.

Tiphaine Treins

Tiphaine Treins, lighting designer and head of TEMELOY, was involved in launching the Lighting for Good program.

Our partner.

The International Reference Center for Life Cycle of Products, Services and Systems (CIRAIG) is a research group and center of expertise on sustainability and. Through leading-edge research, expert services on sustainability, and education, the CIRAIG aims to shape and implement metrics focused on life cycle thinking.

The CIRAIG has developed a recognized expertise in life cycle tools including Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Social Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA). CIRAIG’s activities include applied research projects that span several activity sectors for example energy, waste management, forestry and pulp and paper, mining and metals, chemical products, transport and green product design.


Rethink. Redesign. Reuse.

To develop, interpret, integrate and transfer the knowledge and tools to implement life cycle thinking towards sustainable development; with a focus on responsible production, consumption and governance.


The Lighting for Good Charter.

In order to reduce environmental impact and to obtain data and information about the life cycle of a product, we partner with the research organization CIRAIG to process Life Cycle Analysis. Based on this analysis we determined criteria used in a rating system – the Lighting for Good Charter – which can be applied for any lighting apparel through our scorecard.

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