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As a luminaire manufacturer you can further enhance your products and make them more environmentally friendly.

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As a specifier, or designer, you can work with products that have a maximum score in an effort to safeguard our planet.

The method behind.

In order to reduce environmental impact and to obtain data and information about the life cycle of a product, we use a form of analysis called an LCA (Life Cycle Analysis). This analysis was performed by the Canadian Laboratory CIRAIG. Based on this analysis we determined criteria used in a rating system – the Lighting for Good Charter – which can be applied for any lighting apparel through our Scorecard.


About us.

In May 2018, we established a THINK TANK comprising over 25 suppliers from LVMH Lighting. The purpose of this collaboration is to work together in the areas of eco-design innovation, services, and reliability.
After a hiatus in 2021 and 2022, we have revitalised Lighting for Good in 2023 to resume our commitment to enhancing sustainability in the lighting industry. This year, our primary focus is on the integration of data from Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to enhance the eco-design and reduce the environmental footprint of luminaires.

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