Molto Luce Mova M
Molto Luce Mova M

MOVA M by Molto Luce

Mova M Track with Tridonic In-Track Driver comes in many variations. The spotlight housing and decorative ring is available in three colors and three versions, with 350° swiveling and 90° tilting. Light source can be 2700K until 4000K, CRI is above 90. It uses a high effieciency reflector and the lens has an exact beam without stray light.

The COB module can be toolless replaced. The driver data can be read through the app (switching cycles, total luminaire time). The product can be set up through the app and more information can be accessed through scanning the QR code.

  • Lifetime


  • Efficacy


  • Colour rendition index

    tm30-15 Rf=90