InviTrack by Nordic Power Converters

InviTrack – The invisible track driver was newly launched in 2020.


Product Advantages:
Completely in-track, enabling a true no-compromise design.

  • Flicker free, no visible or perceivable flicker (IEEE1789 NOEL compliant).
  • Low temperature, ensuring high reliability through high efficiency and good thermal design.
  • Smooth dimming and easy setting of output current via DALI2 or dipswitch.
  • Fits all major tracks, including EUTRAC, Global, Stucchi, Erco, Zumtobel and many more.


Reduced use of materials:

  • 34% reduction in the material use
  • 37% reduction in the use of plastic
  • 29% reduction in the use of magnetics (includes rare-earth materials)

  • Flicker


  • Dimming

    IEEE1789 NOEL compliant

  • Efficiency

    >80% down to 180mA