En-Suite LFG
En-Suite LFG

En-Suite LFG by Delta Light

The En-Suite systems represents the next generation of downlights. The super energy-efficient En-Suite has the wellbeing of its users and the planet in mind. Reduced glare technology offers comfort to all who experience it. En-Suite is made from minimal components and presents an answer when facing limited installation height in ceilings. When using a fixed fitting and remote driver, En-Suite requires a 50 mm installation height. With its diameter of 54 mm, a circular cut-out of 48 mm suffices for a quick installation, no kit needed. For a smooth and virtually trimless result.

The En-Suite LFG is designed for high efficiency with environmental friendly focus as it can be upgraded, repaired and recycled. It is wrapped in its manual, designed for bulk packaging and bio degradable ink and glue are used. It is made of all reusable materials with zero plastic waste, weights less than 80 grams in total. It supplies a high lm/weight ratio. Offers quick connect and QR code connection. The LED module can be replaced toolless.

  • Colour rendition index

    tm30-15 Rf=90

  • Luminous efficacy (output)

    110 lm/W

  • Ratio of kilolumens/kg of matter

    up to 4 klm/kg

  • Lifetime (LxBy)